Friday, June 26, 2009

The "Slice" Story

Yesterday I promised the slice of pizza story. There is this pizza place called Liquori's that sells large slices of pizza so all you really need is one slice, and you are satisfied. REALLY! In fact, I would be willing to say you and your spouse, or friend could even share a slice and not go hungry. Don't believe me? Tonight I ordered 4 slices of pizza, the maximum any customer can order: 2 combo, and 2 cheese. I also got a 2 liter of soda, and it cost $14 and some change. Not bad, especially since it fed 8 people!!!! Take a look below, this is a picture of 4 slices put together in one box!!!!!

Isn't that the funniest thing ever? Talk about a bargain! I love to take people here, order a slice and watch their face when their "slice" arrives to them. It is priceless!!!! What are some good bargains in your area?

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