Sunday, October 23, 2005

Poor Little Tyke!

Well, on Friday I took Aiden to the pediatrician's for his re-check on the rash. It still didn't look typical and hadn't spread much in the two days since we had last been there. The doctor ended up ordering a venous blood test to determine for sure what it was. Since he was due for a lead test, we were able to kill two birds with one stone, so that was a good thing! The doctor said that when a child comes down with Chicken Pox, they have to tell the Health Dept., and they contact the family to try and find out where it came from. Well, I hope they have fun trying because we really don't go anywhere! We haven't gone to anyone's house with him in over a month. The only place besides a grocery store I have taken him is the church nursery (no one there has it--and we're hoping no one got it from Aiden). There were a few kids here for his b-day party, but thankfully they were immunized. Other than that, I just have no clue. We often go for a ride in the van just to break up the day, but the only place we go in is to the grocery store.

Well, back to the blood test. I felt so bad! He hadn't a clue why these people were hurting him. He cried/whined all the way home, even with his binky. The good news is by now he has forgotten all about it and now we will know for sure. He's not having any complications but should a child in the nursery end up with it, we will know what it was, without question.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Could it be?

Chicken Pox?!!! It's been 10 years since I've laid eyes on Chicken Pox. It stormed our house in 1995 when it first infected Autumn's cousin, moved on to Autumn, and then waged war on 6 month old Felicia. The thought of a vaccination seemed so welcome.

We've since had 4 boys and not one of them has had to suffer with the itching & scarring so many of us remember not so fondly. Well, that's all changed. Last Sunday in church, when we were picking up the boys we were told Aiden had a rash. A pediatrician was called down to the nursery to check him out and she thought it was probablly chicken pox. I was mortified! I felt so bad. He did have a few bumps on his face, but I hadn't thought anything of it. For one thing, all of our boys have majorly sensitive skin, and Daniel gets bumps/rashes often. If he gets a common cold and has a fever, he will break out from it in blister type bumps. He never seems any worse for it, it just looks bad. I guess I had gotten so accustomed to that, that a few bumps on Aiden's face didn't impress me one way or the other.

We took Aiden to the pediatrician's yesterday and I showed the rash to the doctor. He didnt' seem to be worried about it until I kept pressing him. I really wanted to know if it was or wasn't chicken pox so I could let the church nursery know like they had asked me to do. Finally he studied them really seriously with his light and said that it COULD be chicken pox and asked me to bring him back on Friday to re-check him. It really is different from the Chicken Pox I remember, the one that took over our whole body and made us miserable. This kid seems perfectly healthy other than the runny nose we all are dealing with and the rash. The rash is pretty contained and only started spreading yesterday. I wonder why it is so slow moving!? Is it really Chicken Pox? Why wouldn't the doctor have known right away? hmmmmm...... For now, he is being quarrantined until the doctor is sure he isn't contagious.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My New Toy!

Well, my kitchen Aid professional HD 5 qt. is on it's way from a seemingly distinguished Ebay seller! It's one of the few brand new factory sealed boxes that weren't just reconditioned. It should arrive by UPS on Friday, and I can't wait to get cookin! I saved about $75 from retail and that is including the shipping. Now, what to make first, bread to bake right away, or cookie dough to flash freeze and store for the approaching Holiday season. Have you all seen those frozen cookie balls in the grocery store called 600 pound gorillas or something like that? Same idea. I've done it before, and had great results. This time I can make more quantity.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Where is the foliage?

Ok, well, the foliage is there alright, but where are the brilliant colors?! We have just had sooo much rain and odd weather lately, 9 days straight, that I am afraid of what the turnout might be. I am hoping the leaves don't just all turn brown and fall off. What a disappointment that would be! I am seeing some yellow and brown. I'm soo longing to see the spectacular reds and vibrant orange and golds. How beautiful it normally is for a New England Autumn!!! Hello---I didn't name my eldest daughter that for nothing! LOL

My dad says in a couple of weeks we should see more color, but he too added the disclaimer, that is if they don't just turn brown and fall off because of the rain. What will be will be I suppose.

It is really windy too this week!! I just bought some hats and mittens for all the boys today. The girls can suffer a little longer. LOL, I know that sounds mean but they are older and capable of braving the fall weather a little more than the tiny tikes, and they're in no hurry to mess up their hair until it's really cold anyhow. I have a feeling that we will find all the winter stuff from last year this week and the girls will be all set then. They really don't wear their winter garb out, so unless they outgrew them we will be all set.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Dinner For Six, Second Dinner

Well, our second dinner for six was on Saturday night at Brad and MaryBeth's house. I haven't been out so much in a LONG LONG time. Their houe was very nice, and the meal was pork medallions in a pistachio sauce, garden romaine salad was the side we brought, and Boston Cream cake with coffee was for dessert.

I hope we all have a good time in our humble apartment next month! It's kind of intimidating after seeing their perfect homes. I know that is not the point, so I am not going to focus on that. As long as it's clean, which it will be, that is all that matters. I think I will be making my DH's favorite scallop meal. We only need to provide the main entree and a bread basket along with drinks. That should be pretty easy!

The point is I want my home filled with God's people; whether I live in a shack or a farmhouse, or yes even a townhouse complex. If I'm not a good steward with what we already have, why should God give us anything more? I want fellowship with like-minded people and that is what this is. Jesus will be my focus not the nicks in the woodwork, or the worn out tiled floor, or the occasional scuff mark on the paint.

Aiden's first birthday and homeschooling thoughts...

Well, my last baby just turned one on Saturday, October 8th! Lots of fun, but a little sad...

I have been thinking a lot about homeschooling lately. DH has casually mentioned it from time to time and I think it has managed to prick my heart. It is something I have always thought about but not had the resources to accomplish with my girls.

At this time in my life, and at my maturity level and goal focus in life I have confidence in my ability with my husband to educate our children for the Lord. Yes academics, but also in the way they should go! The variety of curricula is just overwhelming, however I have pinpointed the type of curriculum I would like to use: Unit Studies. The idea with Unit Studies is that there is a central theme that is carried over throughout all of the subjects. That sounds exciting to me! I have looked at Konos briefly, but I am leaning toward LifePac. There are no plans at this time, and I admit I am a little sad that I have missed the mark for my girls especially with the homeschooling, but I still have three boys that are not yet in the school system. There's no reason I can't begin with them. My fourth child, Ryan, will be due to begin Kindergarten in September of 2006. We will have to use this time wisely to pray and consider this opportunity for our family.

Monday, October 3, 2005

I never thought gold or diamonds were all that important in the grand scheme of things involving a marriage, but boy is it NICE to see the new fiery ring on my finger, 7 years after our wedding! And it's good to be identified as a married woman by people we encounter. People really DO notice those kind of things, not just as a material posession, but as an identification. And as for the man my husband is becoming, I am proud to be his wife. What an incredible anniversary.