Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Progressing Right Along...

Where to start?  Where to start??  I guess at the beginning.  Ok, I bought this dress in April of 2011 for my cousin's May wedding.  I ordered it online and when it came from David's Bridal, I quickly found and later confirmed that their sizes run small, so I couldn't squeeze into the size 16.  NOT.  EVEN.  CLOSE.

No problem, I'd wear it for my 13th anniversary in August, surely by then it would fit.  Ummm.....NO.  Not only didn't it fit but I actually gained 30 lbs between then and Feb of 2012.  How did I do this?  By eating any crap I wanted, when I wanted it and by not working out.  Plain and Simple.

I started my fitness journey Feb 26th of 2012.  In the first 8 weeks I ate perfectly clean without a hitch,  and did the Turbo Jam program as well as half of the P90X program.  Then in the last 6 weeks or so (losing count here) I have done well but with a few hiccups along the way of missing workouts for a week at a time or eating off here and there.  I've lost 36 lbs total and 17" despite all the hiccups.  Even though I've felt like I've stagnated, my dress proves otherwise.

I tried it on weeks ago, and I actually got it on.  I was elated!  I couldn't zip it up AT ALL in the back, but it was on and I could actually believe that it would fit me soon.  :)

Today for ha-ha's, out of feeling kind of blah about my progress and effort as of late,  I tried it on.  I had to take steroids last week and gained a few lbs, and ate some junk to make it a complete pity party...so I am feeling off kilter and behind as I get back on track.  SOOOOO the news is that IT FIT!!!  Not only did it FIT, but I could ZIP IT ALL THE WAY UP!!!!!!  Now, it was very tight, not wearable out yet.  If i had bent down, I could have split the seam.  BUT IT actually FIT!  Wow what a gift of motivation to wind myself right back up and stop messing around.  WOO Stinking HOO.

Oh I've got a way to go but I am getting there.  Beachbody fitness programs work.  They don't concentrate on one aspect, but the whole person.  Fitness, yes, but also nutrition and mind/spirit.  4 more sizes to go to be at my ideal BMI.

8 more weeks until my 14th Anniversary, and no doubt that I will wear the dress this year.  I just wonder if I will need it tailored by then....EEK!