Monday, March 30, 2009

For Today...

Outside my window... damp rainy skies, greener grass than last week

I am thinking... how glad I am that Spring has sprung

From the learning rooms... alphabet games

I am thankful for... healthy children, milder weather, God's many many endless provisions

From the kitchen... scones and buttermilk pie, Orange Dulce tea from Mighty Leaf

I am wearing... jeans and tunic

I am reading... The Excellent Wife

I am hoping... for a happy ending

I am going... to start planning our raised bed garden: tomatoes, cukes, bell peppers, jalapenos, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans; cilantro, rosemary, basil and parsley. I'd love to try lettuce, yet not sure if I will.

I am creating... homemade finger paints this afternoon

I am hearing... childs play

One of my favorite things... picnics with dear friends and family

A few plans for the rest of the week... swimming lessons, rollerskating, babysitting, AWANA, preschool co-op

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
from our vacation last summer-Potomac Lake

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Somehow, in the quest for all things photo, I've gotten off the beaten path and shared some deeper outpours of my heart. How did that happen?! That's not what I want this blog to be about, yet somewhere deep down I felt that if there may be someone out there that feels there is no hope, that their life is too far off the path, or that they are out of their league, my experience may help them. We are all in the same boat, no matter how it may be looking from the outside in.

Well, back to our regularly scheduled programming of our life in pictures....

Here is our Spotacus, with his "baby". Who says only human children can have a doll in their likeness??

You don't bite people, we are not dogs! Bite your dog baby!!

Our sweet brother cats....

"baby"--our guinea pig

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Daybook

For Today...

Outside my window... strong golden sunshine with a quite chilly breeze

I am thinking... I hope it is warmer in the afternoon so the children I babysit along with my own can play outside and get some energy out ;-)

From the learning rooms... how plants grow.

I am thankful for... my husband who amazes me in his growth and love

From the kitchen... macaroni and cheese hamburgs courtesy of Rachael Ray later today

I am wearing... jeans with sweater and black-socked feet

I am reading... Teaching Montessori In The Home The School Years

I am hoping... for a clear vision

I am going...absolutely nowhere today other than the back yard

I am creating...memories for our family

I am hearing... wee ones voices discuss their playdough and cookie cutters

Around the house... uplifting music

One of my favorite things... baskets waiting to be filled with Spring goodies

A few plans for the rest of the week... babysitting, AWANA, preschool co-op

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

~Good Day~

Today we went to that preschooler homeschooling co-op as guests, and it was nice to get Aiden together with other children to do some fun learning together, while still having the security of momma. He seemed to like it once he warmed up! It was on the property of a Lutheran church, in a really nice preschool/daycare type room, BIG too! It seemed to be a good fit, and we were allowed entry to join. It's once a week for 3 hours, with an hour in the middle for lunch and free play. :)

Yesterday Mike really showed how fired up he is about these boys getting homeschooled. It's still a bit surprising how strongly he is feeling and how quickly/suddenly. If that's not a clear direction, I don't know what WOULD be. I am looking at the curricula out the there, and I am liking how Bob Jones looks, yet I haven't actually seen it in person. We're going to our local convention at the end of April, giving us the opportunity to thumb thru the curriculum choices we are thinking over, which alone is priceless enabling us to make a decision we will be happy with. Alpha Omega is also offerning 20% off at the convention, though we won't be able to take advantage of that since we need to save our pennies.

I am so glad that I am able to get established in a routine with Aiden now, so that when the boys begin after this current year it will be that much easier. A friend I met recently online that goes to another local church gave me some other info to look into and I feel so much better not being alone in this. I am feeling strong, and also determined that this is the right choice this time, and no matter what happens I will not allow it to deter us this time.

“Failure is not final; it is merely the opportunity to start over again wiser than before.” --unknown author

Our family is in need of reformation, we only have so much time left as our eldest son turns 11 soon, and our 7 year old is picking up on some of the attitudes/behavior eldest son has displayed over the years, even as we tried to prevent that from happening; and let's not forget our 4 and 6 year olds. We need our childrens' hearts first and foremost. I will obey God's leading and trust Him to bring that about in our family, perhaps this is the avenue it will take in our case. Fear has no place in my heart, God did not intend for us to walk around in Fear, allowing it to rule us. His perfect love inside of us will drive that fear out!
I have seen God's power firsthand, and nothing short of miracles as our marriage has been transformed from chaos and hopelessness to beauty and joy in the last four years. I know He can and wills to do that for our children as well. We have to be faithful to do our part.

Monday, March 9, 2009

~My Daybook~

For Today...

Outside my window... clouds and rain with a steady breeze, last fall's brown grass, an occasioal car passing by

I am thinking... I need to light some candles and snuggle with the kiddos

From the learning rooms... freshly made, WARM blue play dough

I am thankful for... the babysitting job I have had for two months

From the kitchen... countertops freshly scrubbed today

I am wearing... jeans with light blue tunic, and barefoot

I am reading... like-minded friends' blogs

I am hoping... for spring weather, and the breath of fresh air days of summer, and some honest to goodness carefree time with our family!!!

I am creating...a couple soon-to-be-skirts from old jeans

I am hearing... silly childrens' play

Around the house... lots of little things to be washed, tidied, and put back in the rightful place....laundry in wait

One of my favorite things... going through old family pictures, organizing and setting up albums

A few plans for the rest of the week... babysitting, AWANA, organizing my closet!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

~Clean Swappy Fun~

I joined in the Sisters Shoebox Clean Swap HERE , and it was another successful, fun time getting to know another fellow blogger and uncovering surprise goodies in the spirit of "clean" appropriate with Spring coming!! Here is the swap I sent, I did not take photos of it all wrapped up:

lavender aloe castille soap
reed diffuser
cute pink and brown cleaning gloves with scrubbie brush
Kathryn Scott CD
blueberry votive
2 packs of eye popping red poppies
heart wall hanging
clorox bleach pen since her least fave chore was laundry

Here is her swap box to me:

Isn't this the cutest swap box?!!

Just give me Jesus book
day of the week magnetic note pad
cute little notecards
a few Lindor truffles sprinkled in ;-)
glade apple cinnamon air freshener
tear-free kids shampoo
cucumber melon hand wash (yum!)

Here's a look at all the goodies I uncovered. Thank you so much, April for putting this together for me and making the box so pretty to open!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~Menu Plan for 2 weeks~

The idea this week is controlled carbs. Not Atkins, but definitely cutting out refined sugar, white flour and excess starches. Those just do not contribute to health no matter what anyone wants to claim. I'd like to see myself stay within 50 grams.....we'll see how I do on that. For the kids I will add things like potato and rice and whole wheat tortillas etc,...

-tortilla pizzas (cannot use low carb tortillas they will burn and not crisp)
-mandarin orange chicken with rice
-Dari's picante chicken with green beans (from Biggest Loser cookbook)
-chicken alfredo with broccoli (a standby recipe)
-szechuan beef and broccoli
-roast beef, cauliflower, garden salad
-meatloaf, green beans, garden salad
-steak stir-fry with salsa/sour cream
-buffalo chicken breasts with ranch and lots of celery
-ginger lime salmon with asparagus and baby carrots
-cube steaks with rich sweet onion gravy and normandy frozen veggie mix
-skillet chicken mediterranean
-beef stroganoff with garden salad
-Roast beef, garden salad, cauliflower (we have this once per week)

-party chicken kebabs
-swedish meatballs
-roast beef gourmet roll ups
-cheeseburgers--fast food fake out
-slim Joe's
-BBQ chicken sandwich
-Heather's mexican roll-up
-chef salad
-taco salad
-buffalo chicken breast salad
-chicken stir fry with lime
-chipotle chicken salad in a halved bell pepper
-cheeseburgers with tomato and avocado and no bun(we have this once per week)
-taco soup

various egg/cheese/veggie/meat dishes
cereal/milk avail. for kids

tuna salad with celery
peanut butter on celery
veggies like carrots and green peppers with ranch dip