Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~Menu Plan for 2 weeks~

The idea this week is controlled carbs. Not Atkins, but definitely cutting out refined sugar, white flour and excess starches. Those just do not contribute to health no matter what anyone wants to claim. I'd like to see myself stay within 50 grams.....we'll see how I do on that. For the kids I will add things like potato and rice and whole wheat tortillas etc,...

-tortilla pizzas (cannot use low carb tortillas they will burn and not crisp)
-mandarin orange chicken with rice
-Dari's picante chicken with green beans (from Biggest Loser cookbook)
-chicken alfredo with broccoli (a standby recipe)
-szechuan beef and broccoli
-roast beef, cauliflower, garden salad
-meatloaf, green beans, garden salad
-steak stir-fry with salsa/sour cream
-buffalo chicken breasts with ranch and lots of celery
-ginger lime salmon with asparagus and baby carrots
-cube steaks with rich sweet onion gravy and normandy frozen veggie mix
-skillet chicken mediterranean
-beef stroganoff with garden salad
-Roast beef, garden salad, cauliflower (we have this once per week)

-party chicken kebabs
-swedish meatballs
-roast beef gourmet roll ups
-cheeseburgers--fast food fake out
-slim Joe's
-BBQ chicken sandwich
-Heather's mexican roll-up
-chef salad
-taco salad
-buffalo chicken breast salad
-chicken stir fry with lime
-chipotle chicken salad in a halved bell pepper
-cheeseburgers with tomato and avocado and no bun(we have this once per week)
-taco soup

various egg/cheese/veggie/meat dishes
cereal/milk avail. for kids

tuna salad with celery
peanut butter on celery
veggies like carrots and green peppers with ranch dip

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  1. This is great! I usually plan ahead for two weeks too! :)