Friday, November 27, 2009

Time of Thanksgiving

I always love Thanksgiving, as it's my favorite holiday, but this year we enjoyed a very special Thanksgiving. Autumn slept over the day before and helped with the cooking, and we took tons of pictures. We also had Mike's brother's family here as they are staying with us for awhile.
It's eerie knowing that life is about to change dramatically, so eventhough this time is always a very special time, being my FAVORITE holiday, this year it is bittersweet and monumental for me, us.

I have not been online that much in the last several months, so I may not have previously shared that our family is moving to Georgia for Mike's work shortly after my eldest daughter, Autumn's 18th birthday. <3 She will be staying here with her father to finish school. Here are some pictures of our day:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~Noel Swap~

On November 6th, a couple boxes crossed paths from MA to AL for a Noel Swap that was hosted by Monica & Carrie. Just click to attend the Show and Tell and see all the other great swaps that have taken place. Here is what I sent to my partner, Crystal:

-Susan Branch Christmas Joy book

-adorable snowman soup sized mug with 8 packs of cider

-two silicone pine tree shaped ice cube holders (also good for making butter molds)

-some cookie cutters with ribbon, ready for hanging

-a country style tree that Monica had put together and shared the directions for making with us complete with cinnamon star.

-two festive tree ornaments

-oven mitt and pot holder

-Ghiradelli peppermint bark candy

-little cinnamon mints in a wax bag

-some red star confetti

And this is the lovely box I received from Crystal:

-a set of cinnamon star ornaments with ribbon (smells lovely!)

-a set of hand spun fabric ornaments that smell so FESTIVE and have embroidered words like "NOEL" on them

-a box of cider which I am looking forward to!

-a box of candy cones which my boys were already eyeing!

-a set of "Happy Birthday Jesus" napkins which are the cutest!!!

-cute book

-some cranberry scented votives =)