Monday, October 17, 2005

Where is the foliage?

Ok, well, the foliage is there alright, but where are the brilliant colors?! We have just had sooo much rain and odd weather lately, 9 days straight, that I am afraid of what the turnout might be. I am hoping the leaves don't just all turn brown and fall off. What a disappointment that would be! I am seeing some yellow and brown. I'm soo longing to see the spectacular reds and vibrant orange and golds. How beautiful it normally is for a New England Autumn!!! Hello---I didn't name my eldest daughter that for nothing! LOL

My dad says in a couple of weeks we should see more color, but he too added the disclaimer, that is if they don't just turn brown and fall off because of the rain. What will be will be I suppose.

It is really windy too this week!! I just bought some hats and mittens for all the boys today. The girls can suffer a little longer. LOL, I know that sounds mean but they are older and capable of braving the fall weather a little more than the tiny tikes, and they're in no hurry to mess up their hair until it's really cold anyhow. I have a feeling that we will find all the winter stuff from last year this week and the girls will be all set then. They really don't wear their winter garb out, so unless they outgrew them we will be all set.

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