Sunday, October 23, 2005

Poor Little Tyke!

Well, on Friday I took Aiden to the pediatrician's for his re-check on the rash. It still didn't look typical and hadn't spread much in the two days since we had last been there. The doctor ended up ordering a venous blood test to determine for sure what it was. Since he was due for a lead test, we were able to kill two birds with one stone, so that was a good thing! The doctor said that when a child comes down with Chicken Pox, they have to tell the Health Dept., and they contact the family to try and find out where it came from. Well, I hope they have fun trying because we really don't go anywhere! We haven't gone to anyone's house with him in over a month. The only place besides a grocery store I have taken him is the church nursery (no one there has it--and we're hoping no one got it from Aiden). There were a few kids here for his b-day party, but thankfully they were immunized. Other than that, I just have no clue. We often go for a ride in the van just to break up the day, but the only place we go in is to the grocery store.

Well, back to the blood test. I felt so bad! He hadn't a clue why these people were hurting him. He cried/whined all the way home, even with his binky. The good news is by now he has forgotten all about it and now we will know for sure. He's not having any complications but should a child in the nursery end up with it, we will know what it was, without question.

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