Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Dinner For Six Windup

Well, last night was the last of the three Dinner for Six fellowships. This one was held at our house, and we had a great time. For dinner we had my best scallop dish; a brocooli mushroom, shallot and roasted red pepper side dish, and some parmesan herbed sundried tomato quick bread I had made that morning. One couple brought a garden salad and one brough a chocolate cream pie for dessert. A little secret: I had also intended some herb roasted baby red potatoes, but when dinner was ready, they weren't. OOPS! I just turned off the oven and left em in there as if they didn't exist. I certainly wasn't about to serve them AFTER dinner...LOL!

The kids were very well behaved upstairs for about an hour and a half while we had dinner and conversed, then we allowed them to join us downstairs, quietly. We fed them earlier, before our dinner party. We also arranged for Autumn to keep them occupied upstairs. She is normally at her dad's on the weekend, but we paid her to come back home for the 4 hours. She's only 13, and already asking about getting a job. I am so against this. She needs to keep her mind on learning new things, and figuring herself out, and growing in the Lord. She doesn't need to take herself out from under our authority and under some guy who has no care for her ultimate good in a fast food joint, or what have you. She is still so impressionable. I figure between ourselves and her dad's friends, we can give her enough work. =)

Anyhow, back to the dinner: I'm so glad we signed up for this. I feel so warmed up to these other couples, and that is great. I think it's so important not to feel lost when joining a new church as we did this summer.

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