Sunday, June 21, 2009

!!!Happy Father's Day!!!

What a wonderful day today. Mike was given his presents early in the morning. First up was a canvas with all the childrens' hand prints done in acrylic paint, as well as a couple hand impressions of the two youngest boys done at co-op, along with a larger hardcover photo book which is now a yearly tradition. I always had a hard time shopping for him, and last year I made him a much smaller soft-cover photo book. He actually welled up when he got it and looked at it which surprised me in 2008. Now that I know how special they are, they are an annual tradition, looking at the prior year with the family.

Our family headed out to Sunday school followed by the mid-day service in which our pastor really spoke boldly about the responsibilities of parents to their children. Next we gathered at home, my dad joining us for steak dinner off the grill, of course. We sat outside and just relaxed together until it started to sprinkle.

My dad received a hard cover photo book from Snapfish which he loved.

The rain drove everyone indoors where Mike played with all the boys for a couple hours, while I shot a photo here and there of the memory. Ryan got a circuit set for his birthday last month, and you can do 100 activities with it, great fun!

We watched Mr. Holland's Opus for awhile before indulging in some french vanilla coffee along with dessert, a wonderful strawberry European layer cake and/or pistachio ice cream which my dad brought over.

My dad and I

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