Friday, June 19, 2009

A Year today

Today is the one year anniversary of my Pepere's death. I will never forget this day last year, when I drove by with all the children on the way to Falls Driving School for Autumn, that I saw a multitude of cars outside my Pepere's house, including ambulance and cruiser. I was alarmed and decided to pull up and find out what hospital he was taken to, and what exactly had happened. Never did I expect to hear that he had died sometime in the night, exactly 4 months to the day that my beloved granny, his wife of 62 years minus 4 days had died.

This morning a few of the family gathered at St Patrick's church here in town. I am not Catholic, I am Baptist, though more correctly a follower of Christ. Period. I went to be with the little bit of family that is left that gathers together. I hadn't sat in this place since the funeral, and it was a bit different to be there again. It was good to see relatives though, and we got together at Friendly's afterward for breakfast. My aunt informed us that this breakfast was on Pepere and she was handling it. That was a nice thought, that is just the way he always was.

We then went to the cemetery while my aunt placed new roses in the vases, red on my pepere's side, and white on my granny's side. It's hard to believe it's been a full year. He will surely continue to be missed. I feel like He is always with me though. They both had made such an impression on my life growing up that I think of them often as I carry on traditions for my children that I had shared with them. It's a comforting feeling....

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