Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Sketchy Morning

Today I went over my friend Kelli's house to learn a thing or two about drawing. I had mentioned that I wish I could draw and/or was more creative and she offered to get together and teach me some basic lines and shapes.

After explaining about how to hold the pencil; lines, shape, values and tones, and the various pencils such as HB, 4b, 5b, 6b, 9b and how they gradually deepen we decided on a subject.

On here table is a pretty dish filled with a potpourri type mix of various textured balls, feathers, seashells, starfish etc,... I set out to capture that on paper without any perfectionism or stress.

This was totally me! Because I am someone who will get aggrivated if I have to be perfect. As a testimony to that, this Spring I had decided to try quilting. I had always wanted to get the basic idea of it, see how it's done, and try it out. Well if it wasn't 100% perfect it was torn out and we could NEVER get it perfect. I am just not a perfect kind of gal. I could tell by the way my teacher was acting/speaking that this one was not going to make it to the NICU where these quilts were supposed to be going. I didn't even think it was bad at all. Well, that did it for me. I stopped having fun, became weary and have never been back.

So this was a neat little exercise, and I did learn some things. It was nice, quiet and peaceful, and we were able to chat and look at Aiden's drawings as well. He is funny, such a vocal artist. He tells you every little thing. My boys even draw out video games being played. Quite amusing!

I was very thankful for this bit of adult time, and opportunity to get to know this sweet friend a little bit more. Here is a photo of my very non-perfect first sketch. It is nowhere near completed, but an hour and a half of work is on this page. ;-) I will be going out to get my very own pencils and eraser so I can finish this up. I already have my next project in mind, it dawned on me on my drive home: Our church! That will be so neat to have. Churches nowadays are being torn down left and right, and someday we may have to move to a new building since our church is ever-growing it seems. I really love that place though, so it will be neat to have.

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