Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~What we've been up to lately~

On Saturday we hosted one of our cookouts, a regular happening each summer since moving into this house with this great yard. I am not sure how long we will be blessed with such a great place, but as long as we have it I want to make full use of it, and share it with friends, new and old ones alike.

We invited 6 families, and 3 of them were able to come. Our yard was FULL with all the children just from 3 families and our own. It was great. Even Felicia had someone to play with which is a rarity. Normally it is just little kids or all boys, it was great to see her playing basketball with another girl let me tell you!!

We tried two more diet coke experiments with the mentos. This time we used the rocket or whatever it's called...LOL; a cylinder tube with string basically and boy did it shoot high!! It was quite impressive and humorous as you can see in the photos.

We grilled up some hamburg steaks and Patriots beef franks from Arnold's. They are the actual hot dogs served up at Patriot's games. They are so good! All the fixin's and 3 great salads; potato salad, my favorite seashell pasta salad, and Stacy brought a salad, too, which was also made with the seashell pasta and I was surprised because I don't usually see that type of salad. Hers was very good, too, and they were a similar but there were a couple differences. I totally forgot about the watermelon, which remained in the back of the van...haha

Isn't this little guy sweet? I just met him, my nephew for the first time at this cookout!

Even Spotacus had a friend to chase and play with! Sheila brought her 10 week old Australian Shepherd to play, so it was a great day for even the dogs!

The boys bounced till dark and then it was time to part, for baths and bedtime.


  1. Yeah you got your trampoline back:-) But wait wasen't yours blue??

  2. Nope it's the same one...... =D
    We've got to have you guys and Melissa come over soon, that would be fun!!