Saturday, June 20, 2009

A birthday to remember

Today was Michael's 11th birthday. We celebrated with a small cookout with just our family, grandpa Rouillard, aunt Joan, grandma Marcil with Monica and Ray, and uncle Justin with cousin Tyler. We had a cookout, of course with hamburgs, hotdogs, ziti and chicken broccoli garlic ziti, along with a multitude of sodas and lemonade.

The cake was homemade per Michael's request and a complete disaster...haha. I made the cake, looked great, was fully cooled yet would not fall out of the pan. Normally I don't have this problem with baking cakes so I am not sure what the issue was. I do know it was humid. I do know I dusted the pan with flour as the directions stated to do. Next time I will use wax paper on the bottom!! I removed the cake best I could and pieced it together, frosting it which covers a multitude of sins (haha, and covering with sprinkles to hide the flaws. AS IF! Well it didn't look very masculine when all was said and done, but it was GREAT tasting and fresh as could be, baked that very morning. Birthday cake and peanut butter fudge were the accompanying ice cream flavors.

Michael received the spark scooter he wanted, yes it actually makes small sparks when riding down pavement. It's pretty neat but the metal piece wears down so fast that now it is just a regular ol scooter. He was so happy though, it was nice to see! He also got some Pokemon cards and old fashioned cash to spend.
See the sparks from behind?

Later on, at the prompting of Ryan, Dad and the boys took some pallets apart which came from Dad's work (Berkshire) and nailed some wood pieces to one of our trees, making a built-in ladder. They boys all had fun taking turns climbing the tree, even Tyler gave it a try!

Uncle Justin and Daddy then built me, mom, a second her box along the walkway so I can plant the comfry and chocolate mint my good friend Jenn is going to be sharing with me. Can't wait to get that in the ground. =) It was a fun, memorable and sweet day with family!

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