Thursday, June 25, 2009

A berry relaxed kind of day!

Today is the first official day of summer, as school was finally out yesterday. My friend, Maryjo, told me about a strawberry festival at the Holyoke Farmers Market today, which opens at 10:30am. So at 10:45 or so there we were in Holyoke, clinking my change into the parking meter, and meandering over to the section of blocked off street where the market is held. I didn't see much! Not only was there no strawberry festival....and I had been picturing strawberry shortcake, strawberry smoothies etc,...LOL but even the Farmers didn't have much for sale yet. I am wondering if I just showed up too close to opening.

Normally we pick strawberries earlier in June, but since it's been so wet and rainy we have put it off awhile. After the dud festival idea, I decided we would head over to Dickinson Farm endeavoring to pick half the farm. It was the first non-rainy day in quite some time. The berries were much smaller than last year, and harder to find good ones. It was a nice experience, keeping of a tradition, until Danny and Aiden wearily asked to go sit on the bench. I was getting tired of admonishing the two of them to stop jumping rows and to stay with me so I said fine, figuring I would finish up and hurry over to them.

As they headed down the row, I am looking in the direction of the bench where I lined the kids up and took their picture last year, and I couldn't find it. Apparently it was gone, but I hadn't noticed. Figuring that wasn't looking good I hurried out of the row and down to where we pay for the berries and I realize my hip-clip was gone and my cash as well as my license and debit card were all in there. The panic was just below the surface and I scanned the aisles telling Ryan to look, as well as Felicia. About two minutes later Felicia found it and I was so grateful and relieved!! Being able then to actually pay for our berries and have the ice cream I planned with the children. I finally make my way over to the check-out area and low and behold there are my boys, not on the bench I told them they could sit on, but on the long bench way across the field from where I had been!!

Daniel went down a little hill to play with two doggies and it was kind of swampy-ish (all the rain?) and he didn't notice it and kind of fell in, getting wet up to his shorts, and a lot scared. I was so glad he was scared because this guy has a problem 1) being observant, 2) staying with me and not wandering a little here and a little there. Frazzled would be an understatement to describe me at that time. I was happy to click them into seat belts and actually RELAX as we drove to find some ice cream.

Eventhough the day did not start out very relaxing with the farm mishap, it was still nice to have some time we could be together, venture out, and not worry about having to be back for dismissal or anything, it was a free feeling.

We came home for 3 hours and are now heading out to pick Grandma up, then some pizza for take out for a slice (hilarious story for another blog post at another time!!) and bringing it with us to my last surviving grandparent, my mom's mom. Very busy day, and my kids HAD BETTER be tired tonight. They just never seem to tire out this week....HA!

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