Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Potatoes Are A Go!

Last year I planted some blue potatoes a friend shared with me and nothing took at all. I believe I planted them too deeply. It was quite sad.

I planted 5 tires with potatoes this summer, and they are ALL sprouting. I planted these regular old farm potatoes, sold for eating and not necessarily planting, very shallow. When I realized the first two tires were sprouting, I then set up three more.

The first two have large beautiful greenery now, and I have already mounded additional soil up around the plants. The idea is to keep mounding dirt up and around as the plants grow, and eventually adding another tire to top the first. This method gives you a lot of potatoes for a very small space! Mike is going to find me four more tires so that they are available and ready when it is time to "king" the single tires. I have no idea how many potatoes we will harvest, I am hoping they will be safe from "pests" and we'll be able to enjoy the fruit of our summer labors.

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