Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A melancholy summer morning

sun-warmed tomatoes, freshly hand picked
warm breeze tickling newly browned skin
barefoot in soft green grass with popsicle sticks

Summer has come a' visiting another year
song birds singing happy flitty tunes
carefree dreaming hearts and minds quite dear

school's out, the bell has been put to rest
time to explore, create, try, taste
free to learn, experience--with nary a test!

Roses blooming widely to freely share
fine art, perfection, color, sweet scent
caught up in the beauty, left not a care

Generous summer sharing her plentiful goods
beckoning all out to play, adventure, explore
come one, come all; from the beach, prairie, and woods

boys and girls running, dancing, barefoot in soil
catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows always a smile
Fun and creativity parade in with time, unspoiled

dream freely, largely while discovery remains here certain
open road, open heart, open world within grasp
soon days draw short and freedom closes its curtain

summer is swallowed by the rushing in of Fall
shorter days, hats and mittens, the bell again rules
until next year, we'll be waiting when summer calls

(*of course, those bells will not have the same power over us they always have but it still sends me a twinge of sadness over all the times that they did)

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