Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth!!!!

We dressed up very patriotically today, and I gave the children all their little novelties, red white and blue pinwheels, leis, t-shirts and tried to get a decent shot of me with all the children, since Mike was the one taking the picture. I didn't want to wait until my dad arrived to try and get one with all of us because I knew the kids would get dirty and messed up and I wanted the picture before all of that happened. haha

We grilled cheeseburgers, beef hot dogs, marinated and butterflied chicken breast, potato salad, cheese and crackers, chips and dip and a whole lot of outside play time. This Spring and Summer has brought nothing but rain, right up through yesterday. It has been very strange this year, so it was perfect sunshine the whole day today, no one could have asked for better weather. The best part was that it wasn't humid and sticky like it would normally be. It was so comfortable!! I could get used to that weather. My dad joined us for a good part of the day.

About two hours into our cookout, my friend called and she came by with her family for a couple of hours. We still had food left, and they also got to have dessert which was an angel food cake, halved, and cut into 12 servings. I poured syrupy strawberries and topped with whipped cream for the children, and for the adults it was the strawberries and some fresh blueberries, topped with whipped cream. Nice and sweet, yet light as well.

The children played right up until the time to come in and sponge bathe...LOL (we wiped them down with washcloths) and start heading out to the in-town fireworks. We ran to the store, filled a cooler with soda and ice, and headed down to the parking fiasco. Finally we found a spot to park, and walked over to the city park where the fireworks take place. We met up with Mike's brother, Justin, and his family as well. We spread our blankets out and got cozy, chatted for an hour and a half until the show started. It's crazy having to get there so early, but it's the only way to get a spot.

It was a good time. The fireworks were shorter than usual, and to be honest we do this for the children. I joked with Mike that when we are "old" we should just have a party and our own fireworks!!!

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