Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Call of Summer

Hello Friends,
And a Merry day to you! What a beautiful, lovely sunny day we are enjoying here today. The sun has shone brightly and steadily for the second day in a row, with a gentle breeze tickling the trees, frolicking around bare feet and chubby cheeks. Drinking in the beauty of the lush grass and green leaves, knowing by the coolness in the air, all too soon Summer will fade away and in will rush Fall. How deliciously comfortable the weather is now, like a precious little gift with a fancy bow and my name on the tag. I shall gather my loved ones, merrily tie heart-strings and fully embrace this last bit of summer. Enjoy your day friends, I hope it is beautiful wherever you are~


  1. Oh my, the last two mornings have actually been a bit cool and comfortable when I have gone out to feed the animals instead of already having temperatures in the 90s. It has been so nice! We are ready for Fall. :-) I generally try to not rush the seasons and enjoy each one in it's turn, but I must admit the last half of this summer has been hard to handle here. ~~

  2. I SO miss seasons! I lived in the Midwest for my first 30 years but have lived in the desert for an eternity now. There's just nothing like a beautiful fall day....:)

  3. Yes ma'am. Truer words were never spoken!