Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~Adventures in Cheap Eating~

Well I have taken some time to peruse the Miserly Meals book I grabbed from the library yesterday. There are quite a few meals that sound good and agreeable to a typical family. After reviewing this book, I am looking for my own copy, and just entered it into my wish list on If I have no luck, I will probably buy a used copy from Amazon. I seem to have found this book at just the right time now that we need to come up lots-o-cash for the closing costs. We have some seller concession, though not the amount we were trying to get, so still need quite a chunk of change. WHEW.........

Here is the list of meals I have decided to try first:

--banana smoothies 3/4 cup serving @ .57 ea.

--oven roasted vegetables--1/2 Cup @ .30

--Jam chicken--1/4 C @ .66

--calzones--1 calzone @.34

--Boston Chicken--1/4 lb @.75

--Basic freezer meatballs--6 meatballs @.24

--Broccoli Beef--1 C @.64

--Baked chicken nuggets--1/4 lb @ .67

--meatloaf--6 oz @ .37

--honey chicken--1/4 lb @ .75

As I make each recipe, I'll update and show *actual* cost for the recipes today.

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