Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School Time Capsule

Last week I found a paper amongst my photos that was unprotected, unthinkably. It had a tear in the side and was quite old. It was a finger paint handprint with a poem about leaving handprints on the walls and growing up when my daughter was about five-ish.....she is now EIGHTEEN!!! My heart ached so bad for a minute, then I quickly snatched up this treasure and put it in an album. What an unbelievable gift to have this now, and how sad I am that I do not know if I have them for every child or not. If I have even one from my 15 y.o. or 12 y.o. and I cannot be sure, I may not. Then I came upon a very very SWEET sheet that Monica posted on her blog, First day of school time capsule!! I am so glad she shared this find with her readers. How sweet this will be in years to come, for them as well as myself!


  1. Oh my, I understand. My oldest is fixing to turn 14 and my youngest will soon be 13 and I feel the time slipping through my fingers like sand. There is a little bit of internal panic thinking that I won't have any children to care for soon. I know we all have to move from one phase of life to another...but this particular shifting is so hard on a mother!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this time capsule! M son started school last week but I'm going to have him fill it out tomorrow.