Thursday, August 5, 2010

~Eating well while saving~

In order to meet our closing costs for our new home in less than two month's time, and an unexpected bank fee to lock in our rate due NOW, we are tightening our budget belts! This means being as frugal as possible, and eating cheap!! Our food budget is where we can save the most money since we really don't spend a lot on anything else, save gas for the car and household bills which we can't do much to change. We will continue conserving resources like we always do, and I am already not driving much as I need a brake job.

The meals I have chosen for the coming week are coming from 3 resources:

-Not Just Beans by Tawra Kellam

-Miserly Meals by Jonni McCoy

-More-with-less cookbook


Sourdough pancakes

Quiche Lorraine

Peanut butter toast

fried egg sandwich

Simple omelette

basic muffins with jam


Pasta E. Fagioli soup with bread

tuna florentine

chicken turnovers

peanut butter & jelly/grilled cheese

hot dog w/mac and cheese

fried bologna sandwich with carrot stix

sheala's ham and noodles with peas


Jam chicken and potato salad


boston chicken with honey dijon vegetables

meatballs and spaghetti

baked chicken nuggets and oven roasted vegetables

chinese beef with egg noodles

meatloaf with green beans and coleslaw

homemade pepperoni pizza


banana smoothie

Orange jubilee

chocolate frosties

strawberry milk

easy donuts


zucchini bread

shoofly pie

I have chosen a lot of desserts and snacks. Normally we do not even have desserts, only once in a while. Yet, when we have very frugal menus and less free fruit around ($$) I try to have extra cheap treats so no one feels deprived.

Since I have a stock of meat in supply and some pantry items, this week we can get by with a minimal shopping list which should be less than $95ish for groceries to feed the 7 of us, which is great because all I have is $100.00.

Shopping List

peaches (if on sale)
tomatoes (only if on sale)

red bell peppers
green onions
small cabbage

2 boxes mac and cheese
1 pk egg noodles

granulated sugar
soft whole wheat flour

1pk hot dogs
turkey pepperoni
chicken bologna
3-1/2 ground beef
1-3/4 lb cheap cubed beef

cans of small biscuits



4 frozen O.J.
large bag of ice

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