Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nature Study

Today we ventured out to gaze at the geese again. I learned from my field guide on our first visit, they are Canadian geese. This time we stayed atop the hill, rather than intrude on their turf. I could have watched them for hours I am convinced. I think I have mentioned, I am not even a huge bird person, they kind of creep me out. That said, there is something about sitting in the comfortable outdoors with a constant breeze on a sunshiny day, isn't there? Sitting to observe with sketchbook and pencil in hand, I find myself a very relaxing time.

I happened upon some little flowers, springing up from on the edge of a tall bush. Looking for it in my New England Field Guide put out by the National Audubon Society, I found it:

Calico Aster
Aster Lateriflorus

Next thing that caught my interest was this beauty. Looking close up, there are the most delightful and peculiar berries I've ever seen! I am not positive, but after researching on google images, I believe it may be the Kousa Dogwood. What do you think?

here is a shot of my very messy, preliminary not finished sketch

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  1. What wonderful finds! I like that you sat back and enjoyed the day - sketching and watching. I am anxious to take my kids outside to do that here. We have ever so many geese and ducks to study and draw! :) Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day!