Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of Co-op!!

Thursday was the first day of our preschool-3rd grade homeschool co-op for the new school year. Aiden, Danny, Ryan and I headed out to the store to buy our picnic lunch (since we had run out of most everything being almost the end of the week and all). Being sufficiently supplied, we then made our way to beautiful Stanley Park to meet up with all of our friends. Incidentally, we hadn't seen any of them ALL summer! It was such a fun time, and a pretty day. At first we were a bit chilly, but an hour later when the sun shone stronger it was perfect!

The children played on the gigantic play structure while the moms caught up and chatted. An hour and a half later we rounded the troops to the nearby pavilion to enjoy lunch together. We each brought our own main lunch, as well as something to share with the group. I brought 2 bags of chips and a huge bag of grapes. There was also juice and cups, smores cookies, cupcakes and cheese and crackers for all.

It was wonderful to see my two eldest boys make a friend right away. These two boys of mine are new to co-op this year, only Aiden had gone last year. Ryan and his new friend, Cole, even found a humungous white round mushroom in the park and it was the size of a softball!

Another thing I learned about from another mom, Christina, was the Ginko leaves. These trees are often found in cities, and their leaves have the finest ridges all over them which feels really neat to run your fingers over. Soon, they will turn a brilliant gold color, and she mentioned how they look really pretty in a vase. So the next time you see a tree with these type of leaves you know it is Ginko Biloba!

Some other boys made a fort in the middle of a huge bush...haha This day made me realize how much I had missed all of these acquaintances we had met in the last few months of last school year. I am much looking forward to our coming year together!!

I took the opportunity to take a "school picture" of two of my boys while at the park since the moment seemed right. My 6 year old seemed to evade me, so I will have to get a nice shot of him at another time. I like these better than the first I took on the porch. Prettier surroundings at the park to be sure!

This weekend I shot pics of the next 3, and included a proof of my eldest child's senior picture last:

I will have to reshoot Dan because the poor kid couldn't open his eyes, too sunny...LOL

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  1. also remembr that a Ginko tree isen't really a consumable plant...very bitter as Xavia, Elli and I found out:-)
    Hey Jenn here is the blog that I love with tons of links and also have the abc book...