Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nature Study Mishap...

After lunch today, I took the boys to a local park, where we saw a little hill with a pond at the bottom along with some geese. I figure that would be something interesting to observe and draw into our sketchbooks. Before we decended the hill, I warned the boys to stay RIGHT with me and it proved to be a good thing! As soon as we get to the bottom we see three HUGE birds flying right at us! They looked HUGE...I couldn't even tell they were geese at first, though logic would stand to reason. I mustered up a deep loud voice and said, "Go. Go." but I am sorry to say these birds were not impressed with me. I was so SCARED I said "run back up as fast as you can". I ran dragging Aiden and boy was that SCARY!!!! When we got to the top of the hill and withdrew backward a little, they left us alone thank goodness! I'm not the hugest bird person anyhow, though I have come to like them a little more in the last few years. WOW! We sat atop the hill and drew, but when they edged toward us a little too close we backed up a little again. I SHOULD have taken a picture but I wasn't worried about that at the time I guess. I did take a few shots after all of this uproar though of our very unfinished sketches. Sorry to say I can see that the detail is not showing too well, will have to draw darker next time ;-)

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  1. Guess everything is a "learning moment", even if not the way you intended! :) Great story and great pictures!