Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our little harvest!!

Tomatoes have been trickling in for awhile now, about 3-5 here and there, and we've had a cuke here or there as well. Wednesday afternoon, when school was finished I had the boys outside to play on the trampoline. I decided to take a large bowl with me to pick what was ready in the garden. I almost filled my large mixing bowl with red, ripe tomatoes and 2 large cukes.

Suddenly I had the incentive to dig for potatoes in the tires I planted them in. I only planted 4 potatoes, which were cut into about 12 pieces. I came away from the back breaking chore with a bowl full of buried no longer treasure.

I noticed I have some peppers, but being quite small I am leaving them a bit more. I also had a lovely creamy, beautiful butternut squash I decided to leave connected to the vine a little longer.

We had quite a large garden, and learned a few lessons, about things like weeds and weedblock sheeting for instance! I am now very very excited for next planting season ALREADY! I know I can make improvements and get even great returns for my investment.


  1. WOW!! Those potatoes are awesome. Your garden is wonderful, those cucumbers are so big. I so wish I could grow things. I keep trying:)

    Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog, it made me smile!


  2. How wonderful!! That is too exciting! I wish I could have gardened this year ~

  3. Yeah!

    So glad you got a great harvest of potatoes! My Mom and I think that every year is such a learning experience on gardening. You never know what will do well from year to year and there are always things to improve on!

    Great job!