Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Happenings

We had a wonderful Labor Day this year. It was a tad bit strange that the children had gone back to school a week before the holiday, that will never sit right in my mind! Family friends, Anne and Steve, with their two children, Tristan and Erin, invited us over for a lunch cookout. It was great to go and relax and simply bring a dish. I had been a bit tense, it seems I had been going and going and it had caught up with me. It was refreshing having time to talk with Anne while the guys watched sports and the boys all played their imaginative games together.

Later, we went home in time to start cooking supper, as we were having a late day cookout with my dad at our house. Mike lit the grill while I prepped the potatoes and set them on the grill to bake. Our grill is rickety and the thing is a nightmare to light and of course our long matches are used up, so he did it for me. WHEW! (note to self: add long grill matches to shopping list this week!!)

I then had Felicia shuck the corn while I set a pot of water to boil and receive them when ready. We also had hamburg steaks from arnolds, beef franks, and tortilla chips with a quart of my well chilled homemade salsa. Mike splurged and bought some cans of soda which were nice and chilled for cookout time.

I think by the end, I had the dirtiest kids alive! Remember, dirt never killed anyone. At least not in the USA. Germs yes, dirt no. And yes, I did remind myself of this as I watched some very dirty boys eating burgers!

I don't want to forget to mention that I had my first riding lawnmower ride ever after the cookout! It was so much fun to mow our large lawn with this thing!!!

whipped cream from a can on little noses, just like my granny used to do to my cousin Ronnie and I when we begged for whipped cream!

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