Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday is back, I sure missed it!!!

Friday is our grocery shopping day, we do no formal school on this day. Instead, we meet my mother and take a nice drive through the pretty country to do our shopping together. We go to at least one of my two favorite country stores. Today I also stopped by a farm stand at the side of the road off of the seller's driveway. For $20 I got 3 butternut squashes, 5 pumpkins, 8 ears of corn, 6 HUGE potatoes named "Chef's special" LOL, 4 green peppers and 4 smallish tomatoes.

After this we went on to the country store to get the produce I still needed such as apples, 50 lbs. potatoes, indian decorative corn, lettuce, cukes, grapes and bananas. Afterward we went to the regular grocery store to get what we still needed on our list. Along the way I shot a few photos of the charm that keeps drawing me out to the country whenever possible, even if just for a short visit. Hope you enjoy the view.

You may wonder the point of this photo. The subject is too far away, but if you click the photo to enlarge you will see some flying geese. I was too slow to get them while overhead, and sadly they didn't wait to pose. This is one of those shots that is my "GOAL" to get close up. I will have to try again!


  1. What a lovely way to spend a Friday! You got a wonderful deal on all that produce! YEA! I loved looking at your photos! :)

  2. My gosh do I miss our MA farms!!! So stinkin' beautiful! So many critters~