Sunday, December 26, 2010

Plantain Salve for bug bites/stings, cuts, sores, pimples, burns +

Plantain is very common, and easily recognizable, often found growing out of sidewalks and other common areas.  You likely have your very own in your back yard, unless you treat your lawn chemically.  What many folks regard as unwanted weeds, is a goldmine of natural medicine in reality.  You will want to be selective in choosing WHERE you get your plantain from of course for this usage.  Look it up in your field guide or under google images and you'll be on your way.

Simple Green
Plantain Salve

12 oz. jar of Vaseline
2 handfuls of plantain leaves
1 large or 2 smaller aloe leaves,
sliced and crushed

Heat Vaseline on low, only
enough to liquefy. Carefully
drop the plantain leaves into the
liquid—it will quickly produce a
mass of thick foam. Add the aloe.
Let simmer until foaming has

Pour through strainer.
Pour back into Vaseline jar. Let
cool. Mark container and store
on shelf. It is easy to make and
works on bug bites, stings, cuts,
sores, pimples, burns, and more.


  1. I have always used the gel inside Aloe plant leaves for these same things. I don't mix it up though, just break a leaf off and open it up and apply the gel. I didn't know the plantain could be used in this manner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Will this really heal facial sores? thanks