Sunday, December 26, 2010

Garlic oil for ear infections/aches

I have tried these solution for relief of common childhood ear issues.

Make some garlic oil by crushing a clove and letting it sit in an a few tablespoons of slightly warm oil for a couple minutes. Strain ALL of the garlic out, and I lay the child on his side in my lap to administer a few drops of oil in his ear. He continues to lay there for a few minutes.

A garlic poultice can also be made to place on the outside of the ear Fold a paper towel around a peeled clove or two, and crush with the bottom of a jar. Then run hot water over the poultice, squeeze out the extra water, and hold the warm (NOT HOT) poultice to the side of the child's head while reading a book aloud to keep him distracted. Keep it there 5 minutes. Make sure there is at least two layers of papertowel between the garlic and your child's skin.

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