Thursday, October 21, 2010

~Simple Crafting for Christmas Part One~

Last year I made an adorable country style Christmas tree in a small terracotta pot, thanks to Monica for sharing her idea! I made it for a swap but wish I had made an extra for myself. hehe

I went to Jo-Ann's and bought 4 little packs of quilting material in different green colors, with patterns. I also bought a Styrofoam cone and a small terracotta pot, sized to fit the cone.

Then I cut the fabrics in strips. I tied them together at the end in strips of 3, and proceeded to braid them. Then with a hot glue gun, I wound these braids around the cone, careful to hide most knots, and to cover the white cone completely. Then I added a little peat moss to the pot underneath and around the base of the cone. Later, I made cinnamon ornaments and used a tiny star to make one to dry out for the top of the tree. Too precious.

I am making more of these this year to be sure, so thought I would share. I will try to do a few more posts with other simple Christmas crafts to show you what I am working on as I get to them.

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