Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to Basics

A lot of things concerning the buying of this home and changes in our health insurance have been on my mind lately. I found it hard to focus. I am for the most part a calm and easy-going person, and don't let stress or worry get to me. This time, the issues were over the top and got the best of me for a quick bit there.

Today I feel a desire to just get back to the basics. Stay close to home, putter and fluff, dust and rearrange, enjoy my role as wife and mother, homemaker. I got out my big red bowl and made some very simple applesauce puff muffins for the children this afternoon. Actually I mixed up a double batch so I could make 12 muffins and also a quick bread. 2 for me...hehe One for each child's snack at school tomorrow, and one to go with their lunch as well. The bread I cut up into 5 thick slices for each of them to enjoy an after school snack.

Just now I got out my newly washed red bowl and tossed in 2 TBSP yeast, a bit of warm water and about 1 TBSP sugar. After a little while I added some oil and flour and a mix of vanilla pudding I had on hand, and stirred with my wooden sppon. Then I added some more warm water and some more flour. I kneaded it right there in my bowl. Added a little more flour until it stopped sticking to my hands so much. Then turned it out onto the counter and gave it a full knead. It felt great, and since I am experienced with bread, I know the feel it should have which helps for sure.

The funny thing about all of this is that I have a recipe I normally faithfully use, and funnier yet, a Bosch mixer in which I can mix up 6 loaves at a time. I just felt like getting in touch with the spirit of yesteryear I guess. And as I type I have a shaped loaf in a greased glass loaf pan sitting with a kitchen towel covering it awaiting its second rising. Tucked away is also a pan of cinnamon rolls. To think this stuff was once beyond me is both comical and sad. Sad to think I could have grown up and had five children before learning how to bake a bread from scratch. But wow, then I see how far I have come in the past 9 years and it's amazing and encouraging and I can let out my light-hearted laugh.

Boy there was a time I didn't think I was worth all that much, or more specifically that my role was. Boy was that a lie straight from the pit.  I am greatful the Lord opened my eyes and let me realize it from His view, and more importantly that my husband knows and supports my high calling as homemaker and nurturer. As we wives are faithful to our calling, our works will speak for themselves. As my husband sees the money I am able to save us, knows there will be a hot meal to come home to, secure children coming home to mother each day, this is very affirming. He then places great value on my role and supports me in staying home. There are natural ebbs and flows, but the homemaking spirit always calls me back and I truly enjoy getting caught up in the creative arts and savoring a quiet atmosphere as I primp our home.


Now I know somebody will be sure to think, well all that flour and sugar isn't healthy for those poor kids.  Well ya know, I used to be a health fanatic.  But guess what?  We can cook nothing but whole grains and sprouted beans and still come down with something.  Food can't be an idol.  Not only that, but mama's planned ahead for homemade cinnamon rolls with yes, white flour, pure butter, fresh cinnamon, sugar and love sure is better than a bag of Fritos or a Twinkie at the corner store, or a $1 burger at McD's.  All those preservatives are sure to kill ya.  Also I am a firm believer that sugar does not make children hyper, but rather the food colorings and preservatives are the culprit.  Just the same I am no longer a food tyrant with my children, and I thank God for that, and I'm sure my children do even more!!

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