Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comfort Food and a Real Eye Opener!

Cube Steaks with country gravy

I totally realize this is a high point recipe, and considering my new journey with Weight Watchers and all, my sharing it may leave one confused. However, I had some cube steak to use and this is what I came up with and it was so wonderful!

First I got out a huge skillet and heat up some oil in it.

Next, a medium sized mixing bowl was set on the counter,and some flour was dumped into it.

I dredged the cube steaks into the flour to coat both sides and placed them in the hot skillet. I browned both sides, on the second side I sprinkled the steaks with some granulated garlic. This was done in several batches since we have a large family to feed. Remove and just tuck them away someplace warm. I found the freshly cooked ones kept the underneath ones warm just fine.

Now you just take about 1 Cup of flour, and some pepper to taste. I used quite a bit of a gourmet quality pepper that I bought at a meat store. It wasn't as fine, and had a bolder bit, perfect for a pepper lover. I added some Kosher salt to the mix.

To the brown bottomed pan, I splashed in some more oil and using a whisk I loosened the bits up from the bottom of the pan . In went my flour concoction, whisking away, making a paste with the oil. I whisked it and allowed it to cook a short time to develop a brown color. Then I added about 1-1/2 Cups of milk. I set the heat to low and whisked while it quickly thickened right up to the gravy consistency I wanted. I then removed the pan from the heat and added the steaks back to the gravy-laden pan.

MAAAAAAN was this good stuff! I had also "baked" some potatoes in the microwave to go with this and some veggies. This is something I won't indulge in often, but will definitely keep in the "comfort files."

Now at this point, one may be wondering, what is all this eye opener talk about?? Well!!! We all know and expect that those fancy coffees and lattes at places like Starbucks topped with fluffy mounds of whipped cream are high calorie and to be avoided. Of Course!! But would you necessarily assume that of a "normal" coffee at say Dunkin Donuts? I have to be honest, I did not.

I LOVE their pumpkin spice coffee. I love to drive up, order a large pumpkin spice coffee with half and half. Until the other day, when I looked up the nutritional info on the Dunkin site, and plugged it into the points calculator online. WELL I'LL BE! 8 points. That's right EIGHT! As in 8!! That's the amt of an average hearty meal on WW plan. It is a sad sad day when I realize that must come to an end. Also, since I learned this, when I do have one it now sets the tone for the whole day, so it must be stopped! Not saying I'll never have one again, but it must be a treat and not a regular thing. BOO!!!

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