Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

This afternoon we arrived back home after a whirlwind trip down to MA for a good friend's kids' birthday bash.  I decided to go down on a Friday so I could visit with some family also beforehand.

On Friday the kids and I took a run up to the Yankee Candle flagship store in South Deerfield after a brief visit with my mom.  It's one of the two flagship stores in the country.  It's such a wonderland, and the boys were in wonderment taking it all in!!!!  I couldn't take pictures inside because I have no flash .

Later we got together with my dad and aunt at Friendlys where the kids got the royal treatment, literally.  Wow what a feast complete with 3 appetizers for our party of 9, dinners and desserts.  WHEW.  I enjoyed it with reckless abandon and just right back on my WW plan immediately after.  I don't think I did any real damage.  It was so nice to see my favorite aunt, lots of good memories I have involving her home around the holidays and such when I was young.

The next day we moseyed around a bit and around lunch time made our way to Liquori's to get the famous pizza slice!  If you haven't read the famous "slice story" you can find it here.  Actually we bought 3 cheese slices and 1 pepperoni for the 5 kids and my grandmother to share.  We were on our way to visit her.  My mom and I split a foot long sub from Subway to keep me within my points.  Then we visited for a few hours, and my eldest daughter Autumn met us there to visit as well.  Later the kids and I met my dad for dinner at Applebees.   I love how easy it is for me to stay on plan at this place!!

The next day was Sunday, so we went up to my dad's place for late morning after an early lunch on the run and stayed a couple of hours.  We watched a movie and the kids watched his canary.  He is very active and can be fun to watch!  Then it was time to head over to Jenn's for the big duel birthday bash.  The kids had so much fun and it was so great to see Jenn and her family, and the new baby I was seeing for the first time in like 7 mos or so!!!  A lot of other friends were at this party too so it was great fun!

Anyhow the weather was beautiful, sunny and in the 60's, perfect party weather!  It was camo themed, and the activities were an obsctacle course with lots of leaves and physical  challenges, there was also tug-o-war, a bounce house, cotton candy maker, pizza with wings and soda, goodie bags made with camo material squares tied up with ribbon, a tanker pinata, as well an awesome military cake Jenn made herself (man she is good!)  The night wound down with a camp fire which was great as it grew quite chilly afer the sun set.

Oh and the babies!  I got to see 3 friend's babies all at about the 7 month old stage.  And for the first time since we had moved up here 8 months ago, right before they were all born.  I got to see the two kiddos I used to babysit for, and sadly the youngest didn't remember me....boo*hoo!

sadly my flash died 10 mos. ago so as it gets dark, my picture taking is promptly ended

We left shortly after dark, grabbed a movie for the kids and back to grandma's we went.  Can you believe that I was in bed around 8:30 each night.  Granted I was up at 6, because my body is accustomed to our regular rhythm after all these years with children, but STILL!  haha

I am so glad we were able to go, and while we were gone Mike got some father/son time alone with Michael who is now 12.  They were even privileged to go to a Buffalo Bills game!!  What a big deal!  And they even had the courtesy to win the first game while my guys were there.  WHAT A TEAM!  My son was so overjoyed by the heated stadium seats...hehe  What an all around great weekend.  Now, I am ready to hibernate for the winter.

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