Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looking Ahead to a New Year

November in all it's red and gold splendor is upon us and with it comes the frost and cold air which makes me want to stay closer to home.  Stocking up our pantry and craft supplies is very much on my mind.  Also on my mind is the New Year ahead.  Each year is a renewal of sorts, for we are not the same as we were last year.  Individually and collectively this is true in our little community.  We look upon things we have learned, experiences we have shared, ideals we have practiced and we are molded little by little into who we are at this moment, and we move ahead to who we will be tomorrow.

For me, finding a balance was a major shaping theme as of late, and simplicity.  Knowing and believing that I can embrace and practice what is useful and lovely without having to carry everything to a "T".  All or nothing is not a requirement in most areas, though I have struggled with that in all areas of my life. 

Simplifying is another theme for my days.  Unplugging at times, getting back to the earth, physically engaging in the world around me, art, bringing ideas to life by creating.  It's so easy with all of what the world offers to live in our heads and I find that dissatisfying and barren land which I am happily leaving.

I want more creativity in our home and exposure to experience for our children.  I am looking ahead with much anticipation of a new life.  Getting rid of lots to make room for the best.

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