Monday, November 1, 2010

~Simple Crafting for Christmas Part Two~

Make a lined basked here for gift giving any time.

Soap  always makes a nice gift.

You can learn to make fancy Salt Dough Ornaments with the instructions and examples shown.

Use this tutorial to make a super crinkly sounding inside baby toy yourself!

Perhaps baby would love a felt ball with bell inside for a handmade Christmas.

For an older child, these home made stilts could make someone very happy and very occupied for some constructive hour passing, and balance gaining!!!
**note on this craft:  My husband went to buy the materials to make a friend's little boy stilts for his birthday.  Well....because he could not buy the screws separately but had to buy boxes of them for each type, and apparently wood has gone up since this tutorial was published, it cost close to $75 for the materials.  EEK!  Just thought I should warn you!!  The good news is now that we have all those screws we can make additional pairs for our own children for $40. 
Here is a site with lots of hand made toy ideas from wooden block sets to all natural material dolls.

Perhaps an older child would like their very own pencil or crayon or variation of both rolled supply holder.

Try your hand at some handmade cards.  This is just a photo idea to get your ideas flowing.

Perhaps a beautifully decorated chipboard momento box is just the idea for a young lady on your list, or yourself.  ;0)

I thought this french memory board tutorial was elegant and useful.

Take a peek at this super cute ruffled shirt tutorial!

I really want to make these beautiful tree branch drink coasters.  No tutorial, just photo.  So beautiful! 

This is a simple Father's Day book tutorial, but it can be suited to any occasion.  I have done similar for my husband, and he was very touched.  

ideas & tutorials for the fellas

Just a few ideas I found that looked fun and to get the creative ideas flowing.  Happy Crafting!!


  1. Good Lord Jenn that's so expensive for the stilts, althought they do look awesome!! And thanks for all these great ideas and links especially since it's going to be a homemade Christmas... I have to admit that Yes sometime I think to myself wow this would be so much cheaper to buy..but it is fun to make and see your friends and family's's just so special and really comes from the heart when it's homemade!!

  2. OMGoodness I shouldn't have put that on here, what was I thinking??? sorry!!! At least we have tons of the screws and things already for when we make more ;-)

    I really think the love put into crafting stays with the object so it's definitely more special hand made. I loved your doll, too! Hope I can do one that is that good! =0)