Friday, August 12, 2005

Summer of Change

This summer was great. I began a home ec curriculum with my daughter(TOD-KAH). My 13 year old learned the basics of Square Foot Gardening, is learning some biblical doctrine, and accomplished a couple of basic sewing projects. These things were slow going as there are six children, and 3 of them are still quite young, our time to pour into these areas are limited. However, I could detect a sense of accomplishment in her that brought me joy and great encouragement.

I shudder when I remember the days, lost in depression while the children zombified themselves in front of the TV, or wandered around outside the home looking for something to do. Praise God that my eyes have been opened and he raised me out of that miry pit before it was too late for them! Now I am excited, excited to introduce my children to Christ and teach them useful skills that keep their hands busy, their minds out of the world, and encourage them by seeing the fruit of their own hands. They are preparing for their future and building wonderful memories of time with mom.

The love I have for my husband has deepened and widened more than I thought was possible. Watching him become the godly man I have prayed before in front of my very eyes is nothing short of a miracle. We used to be stuck in our sins like in quicksand. Our whole life was held back. Now, we have vision, and it is amazing. We've been freed.

Instead of hanging out in bars or gossiping with the Joneses, my husband is self teaching woodworking alongside our older boys (ages 4 and 7). What a useful skill to learn as a boy and bring into adulthood with you. He's showing them when and how they can protect their sisters. He's also spending time to learn keyboarding with a great little book, Keyboarding for Dummies. He's making the most of the time he has at home with his family. He's taking in God's word and teaching his family. All the Glory belongs to God. Most people who knew my husband and where he came from probablly wrote him off, they would be amazed if they knew him today. People who knew us last year would be amazed if they were a fly on our wall this day. We are a new creation in Jesus our Savior. I'm excited to see what is next!

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