Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Family Meal Table and Hospitality

I finally received my book: The family meal table and hospitality by Nancy Campbell today! I am devouring it..LOL. I went thru the first 4 chapters correctly, looking up supporting biblical verses (there are tons) and answering the questions. Then I quickly read the next 9 chapters...LOL I have to go back and do those questions, and look up those scriptures.

Today I made a pretty table setting for the kids and me to share. We opened up with a prayer for God to be present with us at our meal table, and use this time to teach, learn, and for our family to develop some meaningful conversation. Of course we thanked Him for his provision to us.

Then we ate and talked. I actually got my daughter to converse..usually she just acts strange like she's shy to talk to her own family. How awful for her, and that we haven't made this a priority a long time ago. Then I read a quick story out of John, when Jesus walks on the water. I read a couple verses of proverbs, and had a lovely time. So the book is already a blessing to us. It inspired me to do what I know I should have, and gave me new ideas as well. =D I am excited to share dinner with hubby tomorrow. Tonite he had to work a 12 hour shift.....

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