Saturday, August 20, 2005

Day of Good Deals

Day of Good Deals
Tonight the moon was so huge and extra bright, low and golden. It was really impressive and pretty.

Anyhow, I found a really great cabinet/hutch type of piece at a tag sale yesterday. It looks like a kit someone bought and put together themselves. They said they used it as a entertainment center. My vision was for its home to be in our kitchen. It has a country look to it with the couple of scalloped edges. It reminds me of something you might see in a country store where they display their candles for sale. Too cute! I was soo excited. I am the Queen of missing good deals because I am never out there looking for them with 6 kids. Well, I got this for $5 bucks!!! It's not stained, but I like it natural, as the other lady was using it. So for now it's in the kitchen as is.

I also did the girls' school clothes shopping last night. The JcPenney outlet moved from CT to a nearby town mall, so we checked it out and did quite well. One of my daughters is plus sized so I always have to buy her clothes at JcPenney. The other daughter did well finding blouses/shirts. She has a lot of shirts with words & pictures on the front, so we found some respectable stylish yet subtle shirts nice enough to wear with skirts to church or a function, but would also look nice with Jeans and boots. We didn't bother with the shoes or coats. We spent enough as it was. I still need to get some things for the 4 boys. They don't need as much though, as I had been slowly collecting clothes for them all summer. Their shirts averaged 8 bucks, as their sweaters; their jeans averaged 13 bucks; the coats started at 19.99.

Normally I hate to spend money, but my husband had a mini crisis and wanted me to buy a new dish set (service of 8), glasses, plastic tumblers, silverware, cereal storage containers, butter dish; and redo our entire cabinet. I was overwhelmed at first and irritated to have to spend money and lug 6 kids with me, but once we got out there I actually had fun. I guess spending money IS FUN afterall....LOL I get so worried about saving money for our house sometimes to a fault.

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