Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, last night we had a full house, which doesn't take much since there are 9 of us to begin with. We had two of Autumn's friends join us for the game and food, which there was too much of to say the least. We watched the entire 5 hours of pre-game, which was pretty interesting!! Of course, Mike wanted to watch a movie which shocked me because I was enjoying the pre-game stuff, and Bucci suggested a game of Risk! I am SO glad they didn't break that out for once, it's the SUPERBOWL afterall people!!

Mike with his cousin, Eric

Mike and I

Mike Jr kissing momma

We started out with some chips and dips which I didn't partake of too much since I didn't want to get full on that junk. Some even broke out the cheese and crackers, no thank you. The pizza arrived from Spiro's and it was pretty good. There was combo, pepperoni and plain cheese to choose from. I don't normally eat pork, since it's a scavenger animal and not clean/healthy at all, but I threw caution to the wind and indulged in the combo anyhow. Next I had been simmering some chili for a couple hours since Mike really wanted that. Only two people had any since, like me, they were holding out for the wings!!! Guess who will be eating chili several times this week for lunch?

This weekend alone, I have stocked up 9 lunches for Mike in the freezer. That is terrific! I feel I could do better in this area lately, and cooking for this event certainly helped attain that goal! A few hours later I reheated the wings that had come from Quicky's on Saturday and boy did they hit the spot!

Autumn with Mike B

Aiden whispering in papa's ear

Mike Jr. with Spot

the crew after eating..did you know that after a lion eats he needs to sleep up to 24 hours?

Spot enjoys some grooming, courtesy of Mike B

My tuckered out sugar-kid

Felicia came out of hiding and Mike Jr stole a shot of her..good job kid!

After the second quarter we shut the TV off and did our usual nightly bible reading & discussion, everyone present taking a turn reading, sometimes two. After that, the younger children were brought to bed and the game resumed.

I was rooting for the Cardinals, since it's such a big deal that it was their first Superbowl. How nice would THAT have been for them? New England wasn't playing so what did I care anyway?! LOL Boy, it got close there at the end and the tension was certifiably cuttable but alas, they missed the mark. I went straight to bed after that and have no clue what happened afterward other than the starting and pulling off of Bucci's car.

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  1. Hi Jenn!

    My husband's name is Mike too:-) I, too, want to get to know you for this swap. Sounds like you have a busy life with 6 kids lol. A good friend of mine is a mom to 7, and we spend a lot of time I'm familiar with the busyness of their life.

    I only have 2 children, ages 6 and 3. It's great to get to know you.