Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~Just Listening~

Click here to hear a great message on marriage (scroll down to the little audio box on the bottom and click on the message from Alan Hlavka). It was very encouraging to me!! It's Joy's dad, and I want to thank her for sharing it with us all.

I listened to this message tonight and I LOVE his opening examples of how if someone you esteem greatly (John Piper was the example) to do something mundane you JUMP on it and consider it a great priviledge to do so, and it's the same way for us at home changing diapers and washing dishes because the KING, not A king, but THEE KING has asked us to be where we are doing what we're doing. Even if no one in this world gives you worth, the King has given you worth. WOW was that a very vivid example, something so relateable. It was also very encouraging and loving message, I encourage you to look it up above!

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