Thursday, January 29, 2009

~Two Weeks of Eats~

I am joining Sandra for her two-week menu plan. Rather than doing a full shop every single week, I am going to try shopping for the majority of groceries for 2 weeks time, and only having to go back to the store weekly for the perishables ( mainly fruit and veggies since milk can freeze well). This plan will take us from Feb 1st through Feb 14th. We will be trying lots of new recipes this month.

-meatballs with dreamfields spaghetti

-orange chicken with rice (new try)

-breaded ranch chicken (new try)

-rosemary skewered chicken with orange glaze and rice (from chef Curtis Stone-new try)

-BBQ chicken with aloha bread and homemade coleslaw (new try)

-cashew beef stir-fry (new try)

-pot roast, veggies, gravy, salad

-meatloaf, green beans, corn

-New Orleans rubbed chicken with apricot mustard sauce (new try)

-Roast chicken with meyer lemon and roasted shallot gravy (new try)

-chicken thights with white wine, herbs and carmelized shallot pan sauce (new try)

-chicken alfredo with broccoli

-herbed grilled chicken breast with normandy veggie mix

-turkey tenders with sweet potato oven fries (new try)

-Lasagna (plenty of leftovers for lunches)


-cheeseburgers without bun

-chef salad

-taco salad

-chicken salad on Ezekial bread


-Ezekial bread tortilla pizzas (home made)

-cheeseburgers without bun

-chipotle chicken salad rolled in tortillas

-cube steak milanese

-grilled cheese and soup

-leftovers from various dinners


-various egg, cheese and meat dishes

-cereal and milk

-homemade yogurt and fruit

-bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter and piece of fruit

update 1/30/09--I made my shopping list out and then shopped this morning, and the grand total came to $359, which is a weekly average of $179.50, not too bad for a family of 9 for a diet consisting of great foods like organic milk and cage free eggs. I am reserving some cash for milk, apples, bananas and salad veggies next week, which will more than likely raise the weekly amount to $195. I guess I really did not save any money shopping this way, just spared myself a week of aggrivation by not having to do a full shop next week. Instead, I can leisurely stroll through the fun country farm store with my 4 year old to grab the above items, lost in romantic country life daydreams. ;-)

In case you wonder how we suddenly went from 8 to 9, Mike's cousin has been staying with us for several weeks, and will be for several months. We now have 3 adults, two teens, one pre-teen, and 3 other children to ♥nourish♥, and whomever else happens to stop by at dinnertime ;-)

Highest quality milk is a must because I plan on making my own yogurt, sweetening it with fresh fruit and/or pure maple syrup which is alredy in my pantry.

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  1. I started doing it this way too and love it! Have a great week. Your new recipes sound great - can't wait to hear about them.