Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday Happenings

Well, we had quite a fun little time yesterday with our little party. It was just us, my dad, Mike's cousin and two of Autumn's guests. We started the night out with some pizza and hot wings from Doogan's.

We served up some of the chocolate fudge cake with Resse's peanut butter icecream after a little DS and Guitar Hero playing. Danny opened his gift, the only thing he wanted, a DS. He was ecstatic! Autumn was told she was getting her own gym membership, though we didn't have it quite yet!

No sooner than Autumn and I began dueling on Guitar Hero, the guys decided to break out the usual Risk and twisted our arms into playing. ;-) It's always fun once we get into it, until Bucci gluttonously takes over and moves air wings and multitudes of armies onto his territories. It's so sickening, the pieces can't always fit on the board and he has to keep his piles on the table...ROFLOL!! Always a good time though....

Next thing I know, it's 11pm, we've been beat once again and I'm freaking out since I needed to get up in time for Operation Sonshine with some of the youth group from our church. I'll have to blog about that later. That was a GREAT experience and I LOVED doing it. Here are a few shots of the birthday last night:

The birthday kids

Aiden and his string cheese

Ryan, guitar hero

Dan's gift, a DS

The dueling candles!!! 6 on Dan's side, 17 on Autumn's side

Bucci tuning Felicia's guitar

Serving up some cake

What's a party without a little "Risk"?

This is what happens to us EVERY time we play with Bucci...!!!!!!!!

Start with hero, end with hero~Ryan and cousin Eric


  1. That must be a newage Risk...the risk we have is different... Looks like you have a great's hubby's b-day too but we're having a family party next weekend!! Hey are you busy wednesday night...maybe we can go to the movies...I want to check out that bride wars movie if your up for it;-)

  2. oh P.S. do you guys have guitar hero...I love to play's very addictive mama got Wii for Christams and that's my new wish list item for this year!!

  3. Yes, we have it and it WAS addicting at first...I only play it like once a week now though. I could stay up all night playing it so I have to be careful of the time so I can still sleep at a good hour....LOLOL!!