Monday, March 8, 2010

~Surrounding our home in Scripture~

On Thursday we finally made our way into our new home in upstate NY. We had been in the process of moving for 3 months as we were originally moving to GA, which got postponed and changed to NY with a promotion my husband received *right* before relocating. It's been a very trying time, and I am glad to be settled and hope to get back into a routine soon. It's also strange to look around and realize we do not know one soul! Right before moving we dealt with a Spiritual shock. I am not at liberty to discuss it, but suffice to say I felt the need to surround my home with God's Word.

Here is my first project doing just that:

Have you seen this vinyl lettering before? I found this at Kohl's. You simply clean the wall, then rub to apply. The larger letters were much more challenging to get off of the plastic sheeting onto the wall, and the small letters were very easy. You can easily tell my signature: the slightly crooked end result! haha

This lettering can be removed with no damage to the wall, but it cannot be reapplied. I love it, and it has that painted look. This is the first time we've had a mantle and I was very eager to decorate. =)

I also plan on using pretty scrapbooking paper to print verses on and frame. We actually have a lot of wall and decorating room where we did not previously.

I will update when I add more~

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