Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I, the person who hates phones, most certainly did NOT talk to my friend for 2 hours on the phone today! A good and attentive mother would just not do that. Even if she did move 3 weeks ago and have NO friends in her new state.

And since I would do no such thing, you can be sure that I would not have to cook my children a simple dinner of spaghetti simply because I did not start the corned beef in time. After all, I stick to the plans I make.

Just because my husband is away for 3 days this week, does not mean that the children and I are on holiday from any semblance of a schedule. You know, I am a well put together woman, and have it all together........

I did not nearly cry when discovering my van has an oil leak on Sunday. I did not see my sense of freedom to explore our new state, and join groups, and possibly meet new friends just fade away into oblivion.....I certainly am no basket case.

Well, that's about it for this week friends, now I am off to see what you all certainly didn't do right here!


  1. I hope your move goes well! I know how incredibly difficult adjusting to a new place can be.

  2. Thanks for stopping bye over at my place. It's always hard when you move, but it does get better.

  3. Greetings,

    I read your post on "Homemaking Pen Friends". Congratulations on your move to NY state. I live in NY state, currently in Rockland county, but hopefully will be moving to Tioga County soon. Are you near any of these?


  4. Hi Vivianna! Nice to "meet" you =)
    I am in Erie county. I'm not sure if that is anywhere near you, I'll have to look it up. How fun that would be!!!