Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simple Scratch Supper ideas for a crowd

I really find that I do much better on a moderate amount of meat, veggies and fruit, with some nuts.  However, sometimes those inexpensive carbs must be relied upon to make it with a houseful of growing boys.  I am just gathering those simple and inexpensive meal ideas here, and especially those that can be made from pantry storage.

Marvelous Meatloaf from Gooseberry Patch with green beans and mashed potaotes

Hamburger Stew from Taste of Home (adjust meat quantities for frugality, I halve it) with homemade french bread

Pasta E Fagioli soup with homemade garlic breadsticks

Slumgullion (recipe below) and homemade bread

cornbread, greens made with a bit of bacon or sausage grease, any meat you have (pork, chicken, turkey)

layered supper in 9x13 lightly greased pan (sliced potatoes, green beans, carrots, ground beef  sprinkled with granulated garlic, granulated onion, pepper and topped with tomato soup)

Puerto Rican rice with pigeon peas....whatever veggie avaiable on the side

chicken stew with homemade broth and hand cut thick noodles (rather than dumplings)

chili with cornbread

For busy days:

Whole chicken with homemade BBQ sauce & herbs in the crockpot,  and hawaiian bread (make stock for upcoming meals with the leftovers)

whole sticky chicken in crockpot, tangy garlic green beans and KFC copycat coleslaw

Lazy man pot pie (meat in bottom of lasagna sized pan, canned of mixed veggies and diced potatoes or whatever you have, homemade cream sauce for chicken OR brown gravy for beef, your favorite seasonings and get that hot in the oven, then pull out and drop your prepared biscuit dough by the heaping tablespoons and return to oven.  When biscuits are browned and cooked, it is ready to serve.

Thick chicken soup/stew with home made amish-type hand cut noodles:
 * 1 large egg
* 2 TBSPs water
* 1 C of flour
* 1/2 tsp salt

Stir together the egg , water, salt and stir in half the flour and then dump it onto the counter and knead in the rest of the flour.
Roll out very thin and then cut it into strips, or squares wth kitchen scissors.
Stir the noodles into the soup or salted water, bring to boil and boil a few minutes until the noodles are done.

Slumgullion:  1 Pound ground beef----- 8 Ounces macaroni or pasta of your choice----- 1 Large onion, diced----- 2 Stalks celery, diced----- 1 Large (24 oz.) can tomatoes----- Salt and pepper to taste-----

INSTRUCTIONS: ----- Step 1.) Cook macaroni separately until al dente or slightly undercooked.----- Step 2.) Brown the ground beef and pour off all excess fat except 2 tablespoons.----- Step 3.) Dice the celery and onions into small pieces while the ground beef is browning.----- Step 4.) Add the diced celery and onions to the browned ground beef, and cook until transparent, approximately 10 minutes.----- Step 5.) Drain the pasta and add to the mixture.----- Step 6.) Add the large can of tomatoes to the mixture. Stir to mix well.----- Step 7.) Cover the slumgullion with a tight fitting lid, reduce the heat. Simmer approximately 10 more minutes.----- TIPS: Add extra tomatoes or juice if needed..... Do not over-cook the pasta, it will continue cooking after it's added to the mixture..... Do not over-cook after mixing the slumgullion all together, it can get mushy...... Do not forget to cover with a lid or the slumgullion will dry out.....

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