Monday, April 30, 2012

Remaking Me

I have finally gotten my weight and food issues under control.  For the past few years I would gain weight and then lose it again using the Atkins diet or a variation thereof.  I really didn't get much in the way of exercise.  I would get halfway to my ultimate goal, only to get completely derailed in October or November each time....  pumpkin lattes, wanting to make pumpkin bread with the children, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas.  You  name it!  When all was said and done I was lost, far down a lost path.  I've done this numerous times, sad to say.

Finally in 2010 when we moved, I began again, losing 50 lbs by my friend's April 2011 wedding, for which I was a bridesmaid.  Between then and January of this year I had gained 30 lbs of the 50 back.  WHAT?!  I had told myself last time that this WAS IT.  I could not keep doing this to myself.  All the hard work and sweat and sacrifice I made to get where I was, only to throw it away was too much to bear.  It was more unhealthy than just staying overweight yet steady I reasoned.  And yet.....and YET!  I stopped myself at the 30 this time, rather than gaining all 50+ some for good measure back.

In the past 14 months before this February I had just been walking my dog for exercise.  We take a .8 mile loop and I made it very brisk, thinking at least I could get some sort of cardio for me while having to do right by my dog.  In February, at my Dr visit I found from my yearly lab work that my HDL (good cholesterol) had gone up from 47 to 54.  My Dr was ecstatic and I was pretty surprised!  After all I wasn't actively working toward this goal, I was just simply walking my dog and making it brisk, and doing it daily.  She told me that the only way to move that number in that way was to MOVE, and not only that but it would have had to taken at least a year.  This gave me a bit of motivation, it was a great visit!

Two weeks before this visit, I began an exercise program called Turbo Jam.  It's a cardio program combining kick boxing, copeira, martial art and dance.  I had also begun eating good quality foods.  Not a "diet" per se, just what I know to be good quality foods.  Things like greek yogurt, almonds, walnuts, loads of raw veggies, some lightly steamed or stir-fried; fruit, lean meats, omega 3 rich salmon, tuna, eggs, olive oil, etc,..  Basically clean eating, and within my calorie range (need to find your resting metabolic rate for this)!  No refined sugar, very little processed food, not much bread or pasta.  I had learned a lot about nutrition in the past few years, regardless of my inability to make it all come together in times past.  It was working and my weight began it's decent.  I became so gung-ho in all of this, and on such a good roll that I decided to also do P90X while I was at it, quite a lofty attempt for someone of sedentary status!  

I've been at this now for 8 weeks and I've lost 26 lbs and 16-1/2" overall.  I just began Turbo Fire today.  I have got Turbo Jam down pat, and feel like it's time to up the intensity!  Turbo Fire will do just that.  It's such an intense and complete program.  I've seen people's transformations with this program and Insanity and they are amazing!  That is what I am after.  My 14th wedding anniversary is 4 months from now.  To motivate myself I scheduled a shoot with a local photographer for the two of us. I want to look as fit as possible so this helps me to "push play" when I may rather say,  "ohhhhh well one more day off won't hurt".  AS IF!

Don't kid yourself.  It WILL make a difference.  Why do some people make it and some continue to fail?  It's easy really.  The things that it take are really quite simple.  They are not earth shattering, if they were this whole thing would be a lot easier.   For instance, if not eating right or being sedentary would kill you in a day or in a week, or even a month I bet you'd be off that couch!!!  And away from that drive-thru.  NO?  It's the fact that it is a very subtle adding up that makes it so easy to not do.  It is as easy to not do as it is to do, and because we are so reward driven, we are likely to quit.  So how to be in the 5% that succeed?  Do the next thing, and do it again and again and in time it will be compounding interest and really add up!  Trust the process and perservere and you will realize your goals with eating well and fitness.  Before long you will be enjoying decreased clothing sizes, and increased energy and that will help you keep up with your efforts.

I have also managed to quit the coffee habit.  Now, I do not judge you or your coffee relationship, but for me and my particular nervous system it was not good and I knew it.  After two weeks of beginning Turbo Jam I just knew I had to try this meal replacement shake called Shakeology that my coach was raving about.  I used it at first as breakfast, then I still had a lunch and dinner along with two snacks.  It's only 150 calories and oh so chocolatey and yummy!  This shake is superior to any I have seen.  It's loaded with 70 healthy ingredients including protein, vitamins,  minerals, superfoods;  prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes which are so important for gut health.  There are no fillers and sub par ingredients as other shakes out there.  I've done my research.  What's more is that I used to try to make my own superfood smoothies with some of the raw food movement's recipes.  And man let me tell ya, locating those ingredients was a feat in itself.  Sure, some I could get at Whole Foods, but some I had to get online, and boy did the price add up buying it!!!  Not only that, but they tasted gross no matter how much blue agave I put in...LOLOL  This Shakeology stuff really truly helped me.  I feel truly nourished for the first time, and content.  It also gave me energy to really be able to bring my all to each workout to get the most out of it.  It eliminated my cravings.  Oh sure, something may look good to me now or I may want for something but it is just a thought I can turn off.  It's no longer a  nagging, irresistable urge like it used to be.  I stick with the chocolate and never tire of it.  There are many different ways you can make it each day, it comes with a calendar of 30 different recipes but I make it the same way most times.  Now I use it as a post-workout snack many times, sometimes still as a breakfast, it all depends on the day and what time of the day I am working out.

I became a coach with Team Beachbody so that I could get a discount for my own products.  You know what I discovered?  This motivated me!  It wasn't long before people were drawn to me after having seen my posts, or heard my encouragement day after day in the workout groups and joined my team.   Sometimes people have an inactive coach and they are on their own trying to do this thing, and they are drawn to an active motivating person who's working really hard.  Having this happen, really truly motivated me because not only am I saving my own life, but I have people depending on me also now.  I take that very seriously.  I am active every single day, and answer messages within the day.  It's a whole system that works together to bring results.  I am very proud and honored to be involved with such a great company and to help "End the trend" of obesity.  It starts with me, and it starts with you.  What say you?  Are you ready to take the plunge?  Have you taken it but feel alone and could use some support?  I am going to give you the link to sign up for a FREE account which will give you instant access to message boards,  workout groups, nutrition info and me as your coach.

Sign up for your free account here

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