Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Emerilware 12" Cast Iron Skillet Review for CSN stores!!!

Look what Fed-Ex stopped by with yesterday!!

I thought I would make low-carb friendly chicken parmesan today in my new pan.   This pan is very heavy, which is what you want in a cast iron skillet.  It stays where you put it!!  No sliding around on your burners.

Before using I simply hand washed in warm mildly soapy water.  Then I dried it on the stove top and put a couple TB of vegetable oil on the inside, and rubbed it around evenly with a paper towel.  In a few minutes it was ready to use.  Very easy!

This skillet heat up pretty quickly.  By the time I was done trimming and cutting the chicken breasts, the heat was ready to receive them.  The five chicken breasts cooked evenly, which was much appreciated by me. 

When the stove top part of my recipe was done, it easily transferred to the oven for browning the top under my broiler.  Another plus was that the chicken left the pan effortlessly, including the melted cheese.

I cleaned the pan immediately after use, and it was easy, I just used a nylon spatula to loosen the couple of bits left on the skillet.  I enjoy my new kitchen toy, and can't wait to use it again.   

I had fun doing this review for CSN stores, and hope I am asked to do another in the future.  I've got my eyes on a few of their products! 

Now for the Low-Carb Chicken Parmesan recipe:

Add a couple TB of oil into your cast iron skillet, over medium heat.

Pre-heat your oven to broil.

Take your desired amount of chicken breasts, and filet each half, so that there are 2 thin pieces per half.

a cute outfit doesn't hurt!!  Thanks to son for his interesting photo angle..hehe

When skillet gets hot, add chicken breast pieces, allow to brown, slightly crisp, turning to cook second side.

In the meantime, gather the simple ingredients.  Granulated onion, Granulated garlic (I find the granulated to be much more pure and flavorful than "powder" varieties); you favorite sauce, pecorino romano grated cheese, deli-sliced mozzarella, and pepper if desired.

When almost done, top each breast with a good sprinkle of granulated onion and granulated garlic and 1 TB of spaghetti sauce of your choice.

Next add 1 TB of Pecorino Romano (found in a case near the deli...can be in block form and grated at home, or bought pre-grated in bags).  I  never use Parmesan, that is my secret, the Romano has a wonderful tang I have come to crave! 

Top each piece with a slice of mozzarella, folded in half.

 Get your potholders ready, and place this right into you pre-heated broiler for 1-3 minutes, watch closely for when the cheese is specked with brown.  It looks GREAT!!

This is one of my favorite comfort foods I just whip up without busting my diet plans!  This goes wonderfully with zucchini sauteed in butter, onion optional, and topped with grated romano.  Load those veggies up!

And hey if you don't like this recipe, don't let that stop you from the experience of working with cast iron.  Everything tastes better in this, so use your own favorite recipe.  Or do a search for some!  Next I think I will try Deep Dish Pizzafor the kids!


  1. from D. Rouillard

    Great job! I can't praise cast iron pans enough. Grew up with them and only wish I could still lift them. My, but they are heavy!

    Never let the pan sit in water and remember to season (the oil, then set over the warmth of the stove part) in ...between uses.

    Oh, I miss my cast iron pans! :o)

  2. Awesome job!! We have a cast iron skillet/grill and love how it cooks but hate cleaning the grill side. It's sooo hard to get the food off without using soap. The instructions said NO soap of any kind - just hot water and a stiff brush. Yikes, but the skillet side is great! I'm so glad you love your new toy and that recipe looks awesome!

  3. wow, looks yummy Jen-- i dont own a cast iron pan---maybe i should get one.
    GOOD JOB!!

  4. That's an awesome blog jenn. Great looking meal too