Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taking advantage of the rain

On Sunday I finally planted some bulbs, which bloom in the summer. I bought dahlias, peonies, echinacea and gladiolas to add to the already existing collection. Right now we have hyacinth, and several varieties of daffoldils and a few tulips popping up here and there. We have hostas and other things not yet identified and it is quite beautiful. There are also forsynthia bushes and flowering trees, it's such a delight to step outside in this season to see what is springing to life next! The flowers I chose are all shades of pink, but the gladiolas are bright red. I am sure the daffoldils will be dead by the time these bloom in the summer, so I am hoping I planted them correctly and they peek out in a few months. I just LOVE planting, and taking part in the cycle of life, and watching what I've tended bloom in all its glory when the appointed time has come. The yard is nicely landscaped, but I wanted to add something of my own to it. I'm not that content to just sit back and enjoy the owners' efforts, I want to add some of me to the mix. ;-)
I would love to buy some lilacs and hydrangeas too, and might end up doing just that. I am planning on attending the lilac festival in Rochester next month, and heard that they let things go much more inexpensively during the last week. I will also be eyeballing them at the farmers market and see what the price is. This is not our home, we are renting it, but why not make it ours while we have it? That is my motto, love it like my own, and enjoy it to the fullest.

Yesterday the rain became very light, down to a drizzle so I figured it was a good time, at that time, mid-afternoon to plant my bulbs. I got them all planted but the gladiolas before the rain fell heavier, and I sought refuge indoors. I think it's just perfect to take advantage of a couple rainy days when planting, rather than sit there with a hose turned on the new additions, I get satisfaction from that type of efficiency. hehe

Here are some photos of what is currently in bloom:

I added the echinace in the middle of some hostas, and the peonies and dahlias in the back row of these beds:

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