Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sparkling Winter White Swap

This past Monday, I mailed my second Winter 2009 swap. It's been awhile and I'm having fun doing multiple swaps this season!! =) This Sparkling Winter White Swap was hosted by Sweet Goodness Swaps. The idea was to capture the magical sparkle of a beautiful winter day. Silvers, sparkles, whites is the main theme for our goodies. Also, there must be one vintage item, one handmade item, and an edible goodie at
least. This is what I wrapped up and sent my parter,
Liz. There is a sparkling tin star, a gorgeous glittery tussie mussie with Merry Christmas cut out, the sweetest little white bird on a clip holding a tiny heart, a precious angel wing tag, a huge glittery white snowflake, a packet of Christmas potpourri (I simmer these in a little water to scent up the whole house), a milk glass vase, a very elementary garland made with old wooden spools and ribbon with a couple cinnamon star cut outs, a cinnamon bun candle that will literally make you drool, the scent is outstanding!!! along with a couple Lindor hazelnut truffles and an old fashioned peppermint stick. I also threw in a vintage very pale pink intricate apron.

Below, is the very simple garland.....

And this is the lovely package that arrived for me today:

a lovely pearl ornament with my first initial
a glittery ornament with a vintage print, very cool!
a glass full of mini york peppermint patties and hershey kisses
a standing JOY
a glittery believe
2 bunches of silver grapes (pretty on my table)
a post it note holder with magnets
an ornament with room for a photo
a spool of ribbon, gold and silver

Thank you Liz! I had a lot of fun hunting for your treasures and opening mine. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

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